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About Us

VictoryRadio is currently a "conceptual stage project" of the Victory Horticultural Group, LLC and the Victory Horticultural Library. Why is an organization whose mission is to preserve biodiversity and horticultural history interested in AM radio? Well we cannot claim that this is a unique concept. 

In the early part of the 20th Century, pioneering seedsmen used the new technology of broadcast radio to communicate with potential customers. Think of radio in the early 20th century as their "internet."

In Shenandoah, Iowa, Henry Field ran KFNF and Earl May ran KMA radio.  Gurney Seed Company of Yankton, South Dakota ran WNAX and A. A. Berry Seed Company ran KSO from Clarinda, Iowa.

We are interested in preserving many facets of our horticultural past.  Rare and endangered seeds happen to be our primary mission but they are really one piece of our preservation work.  We are interested in documenting a way of life.

AM Radio, a dying form of media, is a perfect compliment to our modern 21st century communication tools.

Proposed programming will include:

  • Classic Old-time Radio Programs (We have a library of thousands of hours of material)
  • Weather From the Farm
  • Local Community Announcements
  • Road Conditions, Emergency Alerts, etc.

We hope to be broadcasting over the airwaves in our local area in the near future. Additionally, we hope to bring you this programming via an internet broadcast method yet to be determined. Please check back, and please donate what you can towards makign this project a reality!

You can read a bit more about the technical side of things by clicking here.

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