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Technical Stuff

After researching many transmitter options, we decided on the AMT3000 from SSTran. It offered an affordable, high-quality, professionally engineered product.  Click here for more information.

We are currently working on setting up our "studio" and reviewing the software options available for creating station play lists and automation.  Hopefully one of the software companies will be interested in trading a license for exposure on our web site.

SSTran provides an antenna design on their web site. They are detailed plans with great instructions but we just did not have the time to run around purchasing parts, building and testing the antenna. As a matter of fact, we completed our transmitter in late 2004 and still do not have a station on the air. So, in April of 2006 we decided to purchase a pre-built antenna from a fellow with a lot of experience under his belt. Click here for Carl's web site and more information.

I am excited at the prospect of getting vintage radio programs on the airwaves again!  Wanna peek at what I plan on listening them on? Click Here.

VictoryRadio is a 100 milliwatt AM station operating in strict compliance with part 15.219 of the FCC rules and regulations.  Do not confuse unlicensed operation under part 15 with "pirate radio". They are two completely different things.  Unlike pirate stations, unlicensed part 15 stations operate within the rules and restrictions set by the Federal Communications Commission and are legal under these guidelines.  We have FCC rules we must follow, pirate stations do not.  For a look at the sections of part 15 that apply to this service click here.  A complete breakdown of part 15 can be found here.

Part 15 stations are a low cost tool for providing a community with "real" community radio programming.  In this era of media consolidation, local programming has nearly completely been lost our global economy.

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