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The Federal Radio Commission authorized the A. A. Berry Seed Company to operate a radio station on October 7, 1925.  The call letters assigned were KSO.

Station PicturesThe station was assigned the frequency of 1240 kilocycles with a power of 500 watts.  The studio was set up at the Berry Seed Company building at Eighth and Willow with the towers for the transmitting antenna attached to the north and south ends of the building.

Using a used 500 watt Western Electric Transmitter was acquired from WHO Radio in Des Moines, the first KSO broadcast was on November 2, 1925.  The station used the slogan, "Keep Serving Others."

In 1927 KSO was moved to 1320 kilocycles and then on November 11, 1928, KSO was again moved - this time to 1380 kilocycles with 1,000 watts power.  Unfortunately, they had to share the frequency with WKBH in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. On January 18, 1929, KSO was ordered to reduce power to 500 watts.  The share time order ended on February 28, 1931.

On June 26, 1931,  Iowa Broadcasting Company purchased the KSO.

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