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Henry Field's
"Shenandoah Five" Radio

The "Shenandoah Five" radio was made for Henry Field (Shenandoah, Iowa) by an unknown radio company.

It should be noted that the tubes in the radio below are the wrong ones. The correct tubes are type 01Aís. The type in it now will work but only with a 2-volt filament battery on it (A battery) and not a 6-volt as was the original battery size.  A 6-volt battery will blow out every tube in the radio.

eBay Seller's Description: The case is pine I believe. The knobs are real Bakelite as is evident by the logo on the back of the large knobs; the front panel and the bread board inside may also be Bakelite. The inside is very clean; the tubes (all No. 30) sparkle. Of course, I have no way to power the radio so donít know if it works. The speaker (by RCA; model UZ 1325) is of hard rubber and is about 25-inches tall. It has a lever on base, for what I donít know. Speaker made by Miller Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio. All knobs in very good condition; need some cleaning.


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